Because our president, Susan Drake, began her career as a writer, from time to time she dips her pen in the inkwell. Here are some current books.

  • The Complete Idiot's Guide to Guerilla Marketing (2008 Alpha)
  • Light Their Fire: Using Internal Marketing to Ignite Employee Performance and WOW Your Customers (2005 Kaplan) also translated into Russian
  • They Call Him John Q: A Hotel Legend (2002 Black Pants)
  • Freelancing for Dummies (2001 Hungry Minds)
  • The Practical Guide to Finance and Accounting (2000 Prentice-Hall Direct)
  • By the Numbers (2000 AMACOM) also translated into German
  • The Pocket Idiot's Guide to The Portable Office (1999 Alpha)

We also edit other authors' books, such as:

  • Quest for the Nail Prints (2010 Sheafhouse)
  • The ESOP Coach (2010 EFS)
  • Heart-Centered Leadership (2003 Black Pants)
  • Simple Works (2001 Black Pants)
  • The Contented Achiever (2000 Black Pants)